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Dodo the Duck is back with Dodo Escape! He was strolling through the dangerous forest absent mindedly, when all of a sudden trees started moving and falling down! Oh, how is he going to get back home now from this cursed forest? It is up to you to help him avoid the tree trunks and help Dodo escape the forest. But beware: watch out for falling branches!

Your goal is to help Dodo escape the forest by avoiding as many tree trunks and branches in as little time as possible! You will be awarded stars for avoiding many falling objects. The stars can be exchanged for in-App purchases that will enable you to survive longer (helmets).

Pressing and holding on the left side of the screen will slow him down, while touching the right side will make him sprint under those nasty tree trunks.

Are you up to the challenge? Will you help Dodo make it?

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